The front of the building@The HUB looks kinda nice, don’t you think? We have a beautiful Kabakanjagala tree providing us with a lovely shade on a sunny day (and plenty of nsenene – the local grasshopper delicacy – on few other days). The orange combined with the natural stone walls give it a refreshing touch. The perfect spot for a business lunch with your clients.

Then, moving on through the corridor to the back, you enter a plain grassy area with an odd looking dog house, a huge water tank stand..At the first look of it not so inspiring maybe…

But wait until you see our plans! Drawn up by landscape designer Cameron who works at the Gardening & Landscaping Training Center in Muyenga we are now on to realising a great metamorphoses.

Imaging a private outdoor space for workshops, business meetings, debates, movies, after work drinks or art workshops, all set in a modern & green environment. Good food & drinks, dynamic & creative people to meet with..

If all goes well we’ll have the lunchcafe@the HUB opening its doors mid January. Drifa, who will run the eatery, is working hard to create a unique place with wonderful healthy food that is going to rock Kampala. And although most HUB members also enjoy our daily local fair of matoke and beans at our neighbouring glitter events..we do have to admit we are all looking forward to more variation and taste.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!